I am so excited to share this piece. I have been working on it for the last few months...which is a long time for me these days. Most of my work is on a quick turnaround. I worked with the brilliant musician Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, who coached me through a completely new composing process. The album art is by Colleen Klock, based on a photo by Becca Webb which you can also see below.

The piece is made with layers of my voice and modular synth.


I am writing a little thought, a known struggle.
A scattered wholistic plan.
Making things feel passive, in line and boring.
A flash of someone wanting progress. What would they think?
Choices know community, the right things feel moving.
So, maybe the choreographer’s best routine is restarting who I am.
Lyrics compare talking, trying and feeling.
I’m not there yet, the thing is so long.
It fits to do myself.

released December 4, 2022
Video by Lauren Bedal
Album Art by Colleen Klock

Available for download and streaming:

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