Walk (June 2017) is the third album of a year long challenge to make an album a month. "3 92" is a trumpet piece in 3/4. "5 176" uses my new MiniBrute synth from Arturia. "7 189" is in 7/4 and is built from manipulating samples, originally in 4/4, from Samplephonics newest project Noiiz. "Chapter 2, 3 and 10" were composed for Molly Heller's piece "Vary, Vary". "Burr" is a composition that I made for a recent ballet. The first instrument you hear in the piece was made from my "Burr coffee grinder" using Sampler in Ableton Live. "Synth 1" was made with Korg's "Little Bits", a small but powerful modular synth. "The Warrior" and "The Queen" are both commissions from Taja Will for her piece "Bruja".

released October 26, 2017

Available for download and streaming:

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