Let's create a choir using your voice.

- Step 1: Record yourself singing one long note using a voice memos app on your phone.
- Step 2: Share the file to your computer and import it into Live.
- Step 3: Add the audio file to a Simpler Instrument.
- Step 4: Use your Qwerty Keyboard as a MIDI controller and start playing your new choir of you!

I've created a video below that walks you through this process in much more detail. I'm excited to hear what people create with this idea.

For Monthly Members, I've created this longer video here that shows how to develop this into a beautifully gritty choir instrument. I also demonstrate how to start composing in specific keys and tonalities without needing to know music theory. Ableton Live makes it super easy!

If you're new to Ableton Live or want to get started, you can watch this video and purchase Live.

Please send me anything that you create, I'd love to hear it!