Students & Educators

Licensing is free for all current K-12 and University dance students and educators. 

  • Free for all students for use in choreographic/screendance projects
  • Free for dance educators to use in curriculum projects

I love to see video or even just hear about your project, so feel free to drop me a note below if you like!

    Choreographers & Professionals

    Licensing is $50 per track.

    • Professional choreographic projects

    • Professional screendance projects

    Example pricing:

    You want to use 2 tracks for a screen dance. Each track is $50, so the license would be $100


      Media Companies

      Costs for other professional licenses vary by project. 

      • Film reels
      • Promotional materials/ads
      • Films
      • Other performances ...

      Send me a message about your project and we'll figure out your license. 

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