A New Way To Teach and Learn Music For Dance

A twenty-four day music practice designed to be taught (or experienced individually) by dancers and choreographers. Grounded in the embodied knowledge of music each dancer organically processes.

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An Embodied Music Practice

Most dancers and choreographers tell me they have never had a "music for dance" class, and find limited resources to teach "music for dance" content.

To bridge this gap, I created accessible course materials to be taught by dancers and choreographers, reflecting the type of course I would teach if I had only one semester with a group of students.

I cover the most utilized music processes in our current communities and walk you through the curriculum, sharing ideas for approach and delivery.

From deep listening practices, to managing collaborative budgets, you will be empowered (and empower others) to stand in the complex understanding of music in dance.

This is for individuals, schools, studios, colleges, and universities that have not had access to a musician that works specifically with dance.

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What is in the course?

Part 1 - Listening
Part 2 - Rhythm
Part 3 - Collaboration

Each Part has eight classes, a detailed lesson and and musical practice for the day.

Move through at your own pace or you can organize the lessons over 12 weeks with 2 classes per week.

There is a downloadable syllabus for those educators that want to make a credited course within your program's curriculum.

What is in the course?


What is in the course?

What is in the course?

Click here to see an example of one of the classes:

"Starting a Collaboration"